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Dimensional modeling

Valuable management information based on your data

By Davy Groffen


Organisations are increasingly focusing on data. Makes sense, because data can contain a lot of value. "Data is the new oil," you may have heard. Where is your hidden oil in your organisation? Through dimensional modeling, we can convert your data into insightful dashboards so you can make decisions bases on valuable management information.


What is dimensional modeling?

With dimensional modeling, you get the valuable information from various sources on an operational, a tactical, and a strategic level. The challenge for dimensional modeling lays in all the different available data. Your data is stored in different systems (databases, CRM systems, inventory management systems, etc.), but is not centralized, yet. Together we want to combine these different sources.

In order to obtain clear management information, it is important that users can aggregate and filter these data for dashboards and reports. Dimensional modeling is therefore concerned with the question “How do I organise my data warehouse in such a way that I get the right insights from dashboards and reports?”.



In the discovery phase, we map the available data of the organisation. This gives us an overview of different applications that are spread over multiple databases. We investigate whether we can obtain clear management information by means of dimensional modeling.



If it appears that dimensional modeling provides a valuable addition to the organisation, we elaborate on the so-called star schema. The star schema forms the basis for the data warehouse on which the reports and dashboards can be made.



After we worked out the design, we start with the technical implementation of the data. The relevant source data is placed in the data warehouse, after which it can be used for creating reports and dashboards.



In the deliver phase we check whether the data warehouse provides the desired insights. The data in the data warehouse must be easy to use. For example, users should be able to filter valuable information for their point of interest.


Do you want to extract valuable management information? We are happy to help you achieve the desired growth, insight into your processes, optimization, and innovation. Please feel free to contact our Data Wizard Bas. You can call +31646165358 or send an email

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